Linksys back to back launching their advanced products covering each and every significant purpose of the customer. This is one of the proficient organization playing the magnificent role in evolving the generations of routers. This US organization is the main cause of better connectivity and security in the network. router is adapted to deliver the high speed of the network and provide you no interruption while doing any work in your router.

Linksys is one of the oldest and reliable organization delivering their networking products as well as the services over the years. Linksys is the giant manufacturing company renowned for producing most advanced and high tech router all around the globe. They are manufacturing the next generation of products to give the excellent quality of gadgets to its customers. Linksys routers are integrated with high performance of antennas which provides you the better coverage which in turn delivers the user an uninterrupted network. These antennas are embedded around the router with the high quality of exteriors to avoid them from get broken or anything.

All routers of Linksys can easily be accessed with the help of The link basically will lead you directly to the web interface page. The page consists of the login interface which is attributed with the username and password. The setup directly gives you access to all the advanced and basic settings. One can also adjust any type of mode of your router with
You can access all the features of your Linksys router with Linksys connect in your desktop and with Linksys smart wifi in your phone.

Some top picks of the Linksys routers are

Linksys Max Stream EA7500

The Linksys Max Steam is integrated with the Dual band of technology to enable the 2.4GHz and 5GHz to allow the speed up to 1900 Mbps of speed. The device holds the capacity to connect up to 12 wireless devices. With the help of beamforming technology, the devices convert all the signals into a focused beamform which delivers an almost equal amount of speed to every device. This Max Stream EA7500 also supports Amazon Alexa with which users can constantly hear your audio with the seamless network. Linksys Max stream 3*3 wireless technology almost gives 3 times faster speed than the normal. This ultra blazing speed is the good news for 4K streamers and gamers.

Linksys WRT AC3200

Linksys WRT AC3200 is also one of the smart routers of the Linksys. It is embedded with the Tri-band technology which almost delivers the double bandwidth of Dual-band routers.
The router is basically for the gaming purpose which gives the lag-free gaming and high resolution of visuality. The dual band of 2.4GHz delivers the speed of 600 Mbps and of 5GHz provides up to 2.6 Gbps. MU MIMO technology in the Linksys routers helps the user to achieve the steadiness and stability in your network. The router is also comprised of the VPN connection which is when turned on provides the secured network in which you can create your own hotspot allow the specific user to join your network.

Linksys Max Stream AC2200 EA8300

This device is best recommended for the streaming on youtube or for any high definition videos . Watchers as well as streamers, are really satisfied with this device which provides them the ultra-fast speed of 2.2 Gbps. The three band technology works with the quad-core processor to provide them with 4K streaming satisfying the watchers. MU MIMO + Airline technology helps in establishing and maintaining the seamless network which does not interrupt you on doing whatever you are doing online. The four high-performance antennas easily transmit the signals across the standard size home which almost provides 10 times speed faster than any other simple router. The automatic system of updating the firmware keep away the bugs and maintains the security in your network. Amazon Alexa is also able to support with this router to enable you to enjoy the leisure of voice commands. The device can also be accessed by

Linksys AC5400 EA9500

The Max Stream series of Linksys AC5400 EA9500 is undoubtedly a big daddy of all the routers with its extravagant speed of 4332 Mbps speed with 5GHz. The tri-band performance keeps the pace of speed which efficiently works with 1.4GHz of dual core processor to give the maximum speed. The AC5400 feature gives 10 times faster speed than the normal Ethernet cable. Voice command of Amazon Alexa gives you the efficient relaxation of just commanding your router with just by saying anything. The router works with Max-Stream network which provides the seamless mesh network providing the lag-free gaming and uninterrupted streaming.

How to update the firmware in the Linksys AC5400 EZ9500 router?

Updating the firmware is a smart way to fix the bugs and enhance the functionality of your Linksys router. Keeping the firmware is updated is a better method to maintain the stability of the network.

Before following the steps to update the firmware of Linksys. First, install it from the Linksys support site and keep it somewhere on the system from where you can easily access it.

  • Login to the cloud account of your router.
  • Click on Connectivity.
  • Go to the Firmware Update Section and click Choose File button under the Basic button.
  • Browse that file which you have download and Click Open.
  • Click Start button
  • Pop Up box will appear to acknowledge you about the Update Firmware and click Yes and the process of updating the firmware will start.

Note: Do not interrupt while the installation of the firmware.

  • Router reboot screen will pop up. Click OK to continue.
  • The screen will notify you about the completion of the Firmware Update, Click OK
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