Linksys firmware update 

Linksys is a reputed name in the networking and wireless communication device manufacturing. Linksys routers are one of the most widely used devices for the wireless. The Linksys routers provide the networking solutions to almost all its users worldwide. The Linksys produces many networking devices like the wireless routers, modems, Wi-Fi range repeaters and power supply adapters etc. The Linksys has some of the most efficient routers enlisted in their gallery. Some of the most widely used router devices are.

What is a firmware?

The firmware is software that builds a bridge between the user and the router. The firmware acts as an interface in between the router and the device that is used to access and configure the router accordingly. The Linksys router is although very efficient, reliable and secure in their usage but it also sometimes needs more security. The security of the router firmware can be extended by the update in the security of the router firmware.

How to update the Linksys router firmware?
• First of all, you have to download the exact update file and save it in a particular location of your PC.
• After downloading the firmware update, open the web browser and enter the address in the address bar of the browser and hit enter.
• Enter into the browser homepage by providing the username and the password you have set up. If it is for the first time that you are setting up the router, enter the default username and the password as “admin” and “password”.
• Now look out for the system tab and click the router firmware tab.
• Now, click on the update tab. After clicking the update tab, the router will ask to specify the address of the downloaded update file from where it has to be fetched.
• Select the update file and the upload process will start automatically and the router firmware update process will take a few minutes of your time.
Follow the rest of the instructions on-screen to successfully update the router firmware.

The need of the router firmware updating

The Linksys router although provides very secure and reliable data transmission over the wireless networks. However, Linksys always releases the security update patches for its router firmware from time to time. It is very important to mention here that you should definitely update the firmware of your router regularly in order to avoid the loss of important data and crucial details.

Another important reason for updating the router firmware is that many new features and security details are added up to the router through these updates. Some of the additional features you might get after the router firmware update are as under.
 Additional parental and web controls
 High-speed data transmission over the network
 More controls over the devices connected to the router
 Network prioritization

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